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Ion beam lithographic fabrication of ordered VO2 nanoparticle arrays

  • R. Lopez (a1), J. Y. Suh (a1), L. C. Feldman (a1) and R. F. Haglund (a1)


Long-range ordered arrays of vanadium dioxide nanoparticles are fabricated by pulsed laser deposition in a patterned layer of poly(methyl methacrylate) resist. The two- dimensional arbitrary pattern is created by focused ion beam exposure of the resist, followed by pulsed laser deposition and thermal annealing. Interaction of light with the nanoparticles is controlled by their geometrical arrangement as well as by the difference in optical properties displayed between the metallic and semiconducting phases of VO2. Arrays like this open opportunities to study optical resonances and interactions for nanoparticles in close proximity, in the framework of the metal-semiconductor phase transition in VO2.



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