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Ion Beam Induced Structural and Electrical Modifications in Crystalline and Amorphous Silicon

  • S. Coffa (a1), A. Battaglia (a1) and F. Priolo (a1)


The mechanisms of defect accumulation and dynamic annealing in ion-implanted crystalline and amorphous Si are elucidated by performing conductivity and Raman spec-trascopy measurements in-situ during ion irradiation. In amorphous Si the entire gamut of defect structures has been characterized by analyzing the annealing kinetics from 77 K to ~ 800 K both during and after irradiation. Moreover the modifications in the electronic properties of crystalline Si produced by ion-irradiation have been investigated. The use of in-situ techniques in combination with transmission electron microscopy and deep-level transient spectroscopy allowed us to demonstrate the correlation between structural and electrical defects produced by ion-irradiation in Si.



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Ion Beam Induced Structural and Electrical Modifications in Crystalline and Amorphous Silicon

  • S. Coffa (a1), A. Battaglia (a1) and F. Priolo (a1)


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