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Ion Beam Induced Graphitization of Phenolformaldehyde

  • D. Ila (a1), A. L. Evelyn (a1) and G. M. Jenkins (a1)


We have studied MeV ion beam induced phase transformation in phenolformaldehyde cured at 170°C by both Raman Microprobe spectroscopy and in situ resistance measurement of the irradiated area. Samples were irradiated using various doses of protons, alphas and nitrogen beams. Irradiated volumes in each sample were tested in situ for enhanced electrical conductivity and later on by Raman Microprobe spectroscopy. The results have shown changes in the resistance as much as seven orders of magnitude by alpha particles, six orders by nitrogen bombardment and three orders by hydrogen. Raman Microprobe spectroscopy of the darkened phase shows development of the D- and G-lines which are characteristic of the production of a carbonized resin. These spectra indicate that maximum carbonization was caused by the nitrogen beam.



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Ion Beam Induced Graphitization of Phenolformaldehyde

  • D. Ila (a1), A. L. Evelyn (a1) and G. M. Jenkins (a1)


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