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Ion Beam Analysis of O, N, and B Compositions in Materials Using Non-Rutherford Scattering of Protons

  • N. R. Parikh (a1), Z. H. Zhang (a1), M. L. Swanson (a1), N. Yu (a1) and W. K. Chu (a1)...


Elastic scattering of protons with energies from 1.5 MeV to 2 MeV was used to determine the concentration of oxygen in Y-Ba-Cu-O compound, nitrogen in GaN films, and boron in B-Si glass and other materials. Proton scattering from light elements in this energy range exhibits non-Rutherford scattering cross section, which are enhanced by a factor of 3 to 6 or more relative to the Rutherford scattering cross sections. Thus the sensitivity for the light clement detection is considerably larger than that obtained by He ion scattering.

Quantitative analysis by proton scattering is discussed and compared with other methods.



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