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In-Vivo Assessment of Tissue Compatibility and Calcification of Bulk and Porous Silicon

  • A P Bowditch (a1), K Waters (a1), H Gale (a1), P Rice (a1), E A M Scott (a1), L T Canham (a2), C L Reeves (a2), A Loni (a2) and T I Cox. (a2)...


The compatibility of both bulk and porous silicon at the subcutaneous site has been assessed for the first time, following ISO standard procedures. The in-vivo responses to implantation were monitored in the guinea pig and histopathological reactions evaluated at 1, 4, 12 and 26 weeks. Attention is focused here on the histological assessment protocols used, and the results demonstrating in-vivo evidence for good tissue compatibility, and porous Si bioactivity with regards calcification.



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