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Investigations on electrical conduction properties and crystallization conditions of V2O5-P2O5 glass based semiconductors

  • Akifumi Matsuda (a1), Takuya Aoyagi (a2), Takashi Naito (a1) (a2), Tadashi Fujieda (a2), Kenjiro Ikejiri (a3), Koji Koyama (a3), Ryosuke Yamauchi (a1), Geng Tan (a1), Satoru Kaneko (a1) (a4) and Mamoru Yoshimoto (a1)...


We studied the electrical properties of thermally treated V2O5-CuO-Fe2O3-P2O5 (vanadate) glasses under reducing high-vacuum conditions. The glasses were prepared by using a melt-quenching method and then applied on Al2O3 substrates as ∼40μm-thick films. The glass films were then heat treated at 375−550°C under a vacuum of 10−6 Pa. Powder X-ray diffraction showed the formation of complex oxides of both MxV2O5 (M = Cu, Fe; x = 0.12−1.3) and vanadium oxides (VOx; x = 1.5−2.5). The resistivity of the glass film crystallized at 550°C measured at 50°C and 300°C were 1.8 × 100 Ωcm and 2.8 × 10−1 Ωcm, respectively, which was 10 times lower than that of the film crystallized in air. The Seebeck coefficient was −132 μV/K at 50°C and −130 μV/K at 300°C. These results show that the vanadate glasses crystallized under the appropriate condition become potential candidate materials for semiconductor and thermoelectric application.



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