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Investigation of Surface Grooves from Migrating Grain Boundaries

  • Nicole E. Munoz (a1), Shelley R. Gilliss (a1), N. Ravishankar (a2) and C. Barry Carter (a1)


Visible-light microscopy (VLM) and atomic-force microscopy (AFM) were used to study the progression of grain-boundary grooving and migration in high-purity alumina (Lucalox). Groove profiles from the same grain boundaries were revisited using AFM following successive heat-treatments. The grooves measured from migrating grain boundaries were found to have asymmetric partial-angles compared to those measured from boundaries that did not migrate during the experiment. For a moving boundary, the grain with the larger partial-angle was consistently found to grow into the grain with the smaller partial-angle. Migrating boundaries were observed to leave behind remnant thermal grooves. The observations indicate that the boundary may be bowing out during the migration process.



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Investigation of Surface Grooves from Migrating Grain Boundaries

  • Nicole E. Munoz (a1), Shelley R. Gilliss (a1), N. Ravishankar (a2) and C. Barry Carter (a1)


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