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Investigation of electric fields, interface charges, and conduction band offsets at ZnSe/GaAs heterojunctions with a novel photoreflectance technique

  • D. J. Dougherty (a1), S.B. Fleischer (a1), E. L. Warlick (a1), J. L. House (a1), G. S. Petrich (a1), E. Ho (a1), L. A. Kolodziejski (a1) and E. P. Ippen (a1)...


ZnSe/GaAs heterojunctions were investigated by contactless electroreflectance and photoreflectance techniques. Negative surface charge densities on the order of 1012 cm-2 were observed for films grown on n-type GaAs indicating a large contribution to the conduction band barrier between the materials due to band bending. The conduction band offset was also measured using a new photoreflectance technique involving a tunable pump laser.



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