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Intersubband Transitions in InAs/AlSb Quantum Wells

  • J. Li (a1), K. Kolokolov (a1), C. Z. Ning (a1), D. C. Larraber (a2), G. A. Khodaparast (a2), J. Kono (a2), K. Ueda (a3), Y. Nakajima (a3), S. Sasa (a3) and M. Inoue (a3)...


We have studied intersubband transitions in InAs/AlSb quantum wells experimentally and theoretically. Experimentally, we performed polarization-resolved infrared absorption spectroscopy to measure intersubband absorption peak frequencies and linewidths as functions of temperature (from 4 K to room temperature) and quantum well width (from a few nm to 10 nm). To understand experimental results, we performed a self-consistent 8-band k·p band-structure calculation including spatial charge separation. Based on the calculated band structure, we developed a set of density matrix equations to compute TE and TM optical transitions self-consistently, including both interband and intersubband channels. This density matrix formalism is also ideal for the inclusion of various many-body effects, which are known to be important for intersubband transitions. Detailed comparison between experimental data and theoretical simulations is presented.



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