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Interfacial Atomic Structures During Cobalt Silicidation

  • A. Catana (a1) and P.E. Schmid (a2)


High Resolution Electron Microscopy (HREM) and image calculations are combined to study microstructural changes related to the CoSi/Si-CoSi/CoSi2/Si-CoSi2/Si transformations. The samples are prepared by UHV e-beam evaporation of Co layers (2 nm) followed by annealing at 300°C or 400°C. Cross-sectional observations at an atomic scale show that the silicidation of Co at the lower temperature yields epitaxial CoSi/Si domains such that [111]Si // [111]CoSi and <110>Si // <112>CoSi. At about 400°C CoSi2 nucleates at the CoSi/Si interface. During the early stages of this chemical reaction, an epitaxial CoSi/CoSi2/Si system is observed. The predominant orientation is such that (021) CoSi planes are parallel to (220) CoSi2 planes, the CoSi2/Si interface being of type B. The growth of CoSi2 is shown to proceed at the expense of both CoSi and Si.



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Interfacial Atomic Structures During Cobalt Silicidation

  • A. Catana (a1) and P.E. Schmid (a2)


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