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Interface Recombination and Threshold Current in Grinsch-QW ALGaAs/GaAs Laser Diodes

  • K. Xie (a1), H. M. Kim (a1), C. R. Wie (a1), J. A. Varriano (a2) and G. W. Wicks (a2)...


A series of Graded-Index Waveguide Separate-Confinement Heterostructure Quantum Well (GRINSCH-QW) laser diodes were grown by MBE at the systematically varied substrate temperatures. The threshold current of laser diodes were found to depend strongly on the growth temperature. The structure and electrical characteristics of the laser diodes were studied by double-crystal x-ray diffraction, I-V-T, C-V and deep level transient spectroscopy (DLTS). The interface recombination is found to be the dominant carrier transport process in the high threshold current laser diodes and is closely related to the presence of the high concentration of deep traps and interface states. In the low threshold current laser diodes, diffusion process is found to be the dominant carrier transport process.



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