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Interface Quality and Magnetic Properties of τ MnAl/Co Superlattices On GaAs

  • C. Bruynseraede (a1), J. De Boeck (a1), W. Van Roy (a1), G. Lauhoff (a2), H. Bender (a1), A. Van Esch (a1), R. Mertens (a1), J.A.C. Bland (a2) and G. Borghs (a2)...


τ MnAl / Co superlattices are grown epitaxially on GaAs (100) substrates by molecular beam epitaxy. High angle XRD spectra are analysed and indicate that good structural quality is achieved. The behaviour of the superlattice upon annealing is described and compared with inplane and out of plane magnetization data. Extraordinary hall effect measurements show low field switching comparable to MnAl thin films. Arguments on how structural properties are affecting the magnetic properties are discussed.



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