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Interdiffusion in Metallic Layers

  • A. Bourret (a1) and J. L. Rouviere (a1)


The atomic structure of ion-sputtered Fe/Ti multilayers with an average composition FeTi2 is studied by high resolution electron microscopy. A systematic use of diffractometry is made to measure the local parameter change as well as to recognise the crystalline phase. Local lattice parameter changes are attributed to compositional changes indicating interdiffusion at a scale of 1.8 nm. The phases are very dependent on the multilayer period, Λ. For small periods, Λ < 4 nm, the layers are amorphous. For intermediate periods 4 nm < Λ < 8 nm the Ti-rich layer is crystalline. And for larger periods both the Fe-rich and the Ti-rich layers are crystalline. These observations are explained in terms of a growth model, assuming a constant depth of mixing during sputtering.



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Interdiffusion in Metallic Layers

  • A. Bourret (a1) and J. L. Rouviere (a1)


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