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Integration Challenges for Chemical Mechanical Polishing of Cu/Low-κ Interconnects

  • Jeffrey A. Lee (a1), Mansour Moinpour (a2), Huey-Chiang Liou (a2) and Thomas Abell (a3)


The drive for improved performance of microelectronic devices has led to the prevalence of copper metallization and the aggressive development of low-permittivity (low-κ) dielectric materials for use as interlayer dielectrics in BEOL interconnect structures. Progressive scaling of metal line widths coupled with the need to incorporate ultra low-κ (ULK) dielectrics, with κ<2.2, presents numerous challenges for integration and reliability. Perhaps the most significant challenge for the 90nm technology node and beyond is successful planarization of Cuinterconnect structures by chemical mechanical polishing (CMP). The present paper will discuss the general integration challenges and key structural reliability issues for chemical mechanical polishing of Cu-interconnects incorporating ULK dielectric materials.



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Integration Challenges for Chemical Mechanical Polishing of Cu/Low-κ Interconnects

  • Jeffrey A. Lee (a1), Mansour Moinpour (a2), Huey-Chiang Liou (a2) and Thomas Abell (a3)


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