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In-Situ Synthesis and Magnetically Stabilized Kyropoulos Growth of Undoped Indium Phosphide

  • Stephen Bachowski (a1), Brian S. Ahern (a1), Robert M. Hilton (a1) and Joseph A. Adamski (a2)


The Kyropoulos growth technique has been combined with in-situ synthesis to yield high purity undoped crystals of 300 to 700 gm charges of InP. Etched wafers show a uniform dislocation density across 70mm diameter in contrast with the "W" pattern created by LEC. Use of an axial magnetic field in Kyropoulos growth reduces the dislocation density by an order of magnitude, to 1 × 104cm-2. By combining Kyropoulos growth with in-situ synthesis of the indium phosphide, high mobility (4.6×104 at 77 C) undoped single crystals have been obtained.



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