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In-situ Observation of the Formation and Growth of Twin in the Copper Electrodeposits for Ultra Large Scale Integration

  • Heung Nam Han (a1), Hyo-Jong Lee (a2), Do Hyun Kim (a3), Ui-hyoung Lee (a4), Pil-Ryung Cha (a5) and Kyu Hwan Oh (a6)...


During the self-annealing in the copper electrodeposits for the copper metallization, an in-situ observation of grain growth of the copper at room temperature was performed by using EBSD (electron backscatter diffraction). The thin film structure of the copper electrodeposits after annealing was columnar. New twin was initiated at the front surface of growing twin and grew along the normal direction of the twin boundary between the new and parent twins. It was confirmed that the annealing twin in the copper electrodeposits during the self-annealing have an {111} growth front surface.



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