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In-situ monitoring of nucleation stage during aluminum-CVD for nano-structure control

  • T. Iino (a1), M. Sugiyama (a2) and Y. Shimogaki (a1)


Initial nucleation of Al in chemical vapor deposition (CVD) using dimethyl-aluminum- hydride was observed in order to obtain a principle for enhancing the nucleation density. The analysis employed in situ surface reflectivity measurement combined with X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and scanning electron microscopy at the typical stage of reflectivity behavior. During the incubation period between the injection of DMAH and the nucleation of Al, a constant amount of Al existed on the surface while no nuclei was observed. The precursor of the nuclei seemed not DMAH itself but the reaction product of the adsorbed DMAH. The activation energy for reciprocal of the incubation period, which may be an index of the reaction rate of the adsorbed layer, is slightly larger than for the continuous growth of Al.



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