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Inlayed “Atom-like Three-Dimensional Photonic Crystal Structures Created with Femtosecond Laser Microfabrication

  • Hong-Bo Sun (a1), Ying Xu (a2), Kai Sun (a2), Saulius Juodkazis (a1), Mitsuru Watanabe (a2), Shigeki Matsuo (a2), Hiroaki Misawa (a2) and Junji Nishii (a3)...


Ultrashort laser pulses are utilized for fabrication of three-dimensional (3D) photonic crystals based on a multiphoton absorption process. The basic idea is, when a femtosecond laser pulse is tightly focused into some transparent media, a submicrometer hole will be generated due to microexplosion. By arraying these holes the same way as atoms in general solid crystals, 3D photonic lattices are achieved. Pronounced photonic bandgap effect shows that this technique is promising for tailoring arbitrary-lattice photonic crystals.


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