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Initial Stages of InAs Quantum Dots Evolution in GaAs/AlAs Matrixes

  • Michael Yakimov (a1), Vadim Tokranov (a1), Alex Katnelson (a1) and Serge Oktyabrsky (a1)


We have studied the first phases of post-growth evolution of InAs quantum dots (QDs) using in-situ Auger electron spectroscopy in conjunction with Reflection High Energy Electron Diffraction (RHEED). Direct evidence for InAs intermixing with about 6ML (monolayers) of the matrix material is found from Auger signal behavior during MBE overgrowth of InAs nanostructures. Re-establishment of 2D growth mode by overgrowth with GaAs or AlAs was monitored in single-layer and multi-layer QD structures using RHEED. Decay process of InAs QDs on the surface is found to have activation energy of about 1.1 eV that corresponds to In intermixing with the matrix rather than evaporation from the surface.



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Initial Stages of InAs Quantum Dots Evolution in GaAs/AlAs Matrixes

  • Michael Yakimov (a1), Vadim Tokranov (a1), Alex Katnelson (a1) and Serge Oktyabrsky (a1)


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