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The information content of lattice resolved high angle tilt series of nanoparticles

  • Xiaojing Xu (a1), Zineb Saghi (a2), Beverley Inkson (a3) and Günter Möbus (a4)


Gold nanoparticles are observed by high-resolution electron microscopy over a high tilt range equivalent to tomographic data acquisition. It is demonstrated how the lattice resolved contrast can be used to identify the internal multiply-twinned microstructure, as the large number of viewing direction allows to image each of the grain-to-grain displacement vectors in at least one image. Furthermore application of tomographic reconstruction is shown after binarisation of the original images to estimate the external shape from the support of the particle in the case of convex objects.



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The information content of lattice resolved high angle tilt series of nanoparticles

  • Xiaojing Xu (a1), Zineb Saghi (a2), Beverley Inkson (a3) and Günter Möbus (a4)


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