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Influence of Ti Sources on Properties of (Ba,Sr)TiO3 Films Prepared by Liquid Source CVD

  • T. Kawahara (a1), M. Yamamuka (a1), T. Makita (a1), A. Yuuki (a1), N. Mikami (a1) and K. Ono (a1)...


We have investigated influences of Ti sources on properties of (Ba,Sr)TiO3 [BST] films prepared on Pt/SiO2/Si substrates by liquid source chemical vapor deposition (liquid source CVD): TiO(DPM)2 [titanyl bis (dipivaloylmethanato), TiO(C11 H19O2)2], Ti(O-i-Pr)2 (DPM)2 [bis (isopropoxy) bis (dipivaloylmethanato) titanium, Ti(o-i-C3H7)2(C11H19O2)2], and TTIP [titanium tetraisopropoxide, Ti(O-i-C3H7)4]. Improved electrical properties and step coverage were obtained using TiO(DPM)2 at a substrate temperature TS=420'C and a reactor pressure P=1.5Torr as follows: a dielectric constant ε=210, equivalent SiO2 thickness teq=0.51nm, leakage current density J L=6.6×10∼−8A/cm2 at +1.1V, dielectric loss tan δ=0.007, and coverage of 0.8. However, hillocks appeared on the BST film surface under these conditions, while the film surfaces were relatively smooth using TTIP. The density of these hillocks appeared to be related to the BST(110) peak intensity of the X-ray diffraction pattern.



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