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The Influence of Plasma Composition on the Properties of Plasma Treated Biomaterials

  • Nilson C. Cruz (a1), Elidiane C. Rangel (a1), Giovana Z. Gadioli (a1), Rogério P. Mota (a1), Roberto Y. Honda (a1), Mauricio A. Algatti (a1) and Wido H. Schreiner (a2)...


The response of a biological environment when in contact with an artificial material is primarily determined by the material surface properties such as composition, contact angle and free surface energy [1,2]. Owing to that, different treatments have been employed to improve the performance of biocompatible materials. In this sense, plasma-based techniques are very attractive because they enable the surface processing of materials with virtually any geometry preserving bulk properties. Furthermore, other characteristics make plasma treatment of particular interest in biomaterial processing. Those characteristics include, for instance, a) the possibility of using a large number of different chemicals to introduce any desired functional group on the surface, b) the treatment is performed in an intrinsically sterile environment and, c) different kind of materials (such as ceramics, metals and polymers) including those chemically inert can be treated.



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