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Influence of O2/Ar Ratio on the Properties of Transparent Conductive Titanium-Doped Indium Oxide Films by DC Radio-Frequency Sputtering

  • Lei Li (a1), Li Li (a2), Xin Yu (a3), Hai Yu (a4), Chen Chen (a5), Zhenyu Song (a6), Menglong Cong (a7) and Yiding Wang (a8)...


Titanium doped indium oxide (TIO) thin films were deposited on glass substrate by DC sputtering with different O2/Ar gas ratios at 330 °C. The effects of sputtering on the structural, morphologic, optical and electrical characteristics of TIO thin films were investigated by XRD, Hall measurement and optical transmission spectroscopy. The deposited films exhibited polycrystalline in the preferred (222) orientation, with higher mean grain size and lower resistivity 3.37 ×10-4Ω·cm at O2/Ar ratio of 1/10. The average optical transmittance of the films is over 90%, and the transmittance has no evident change with changing O2/Ar ratio.



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