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Inducing Magnetism in Wide Band Gap Hosts

  • Ram Seshadri (a1), Aditi S. Risbud (a1) and Gavin Lawes (a2)


We have used precursor routes to prepare magnetic transition metal ion (tM) substituted wurtzite ZnO powders with up to 15% tM substitution (tM = Co and Mn) on the cation site. Careful magnetic studies reveal these samples show no cooperative magnetic ordering, and certainly no ferromagnetism. Instead, the nearest-neighbor coupling is actually antiferromagnetic. Modeling of the temperature dependence of the magnetic susceptibility indicates the difficulty in inducing ferromagnetism, in keeping with the results of density functional calculations. The alternate strategy of inducing dilute ferri magnetism in wide band gap spinel hosts with two cation sites has been more successful; dilute magnets based on tM substitution in spinel ZnGa2O4 seem promising, displaying magnetic hysteresis in nearly transparent samples.



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Inducing Magnetism in Wide Band Gap Hosts

  • Ram Seshadri (a1), Aditi S. Risbud (a1) and Gavin Lawes (a2)


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