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In Situ Monitoring and Model Simulation of BaTiO3 Pulsed Laser Thin Film Deposition

  • Albert J. Paul (a1), Peter K. Schenck (a1), David W. Bonnell (a1) and John W. Hastie (a1)


We have applied intensified Charge Coupled Detector (ICCD) imaging to real-time, in situ monitoring of excited vapor species emission during the pulsed excimer (248 nm wavelength) laser deposition (PLD) of BaTiO3 ferroelectric thin films. Molecular beam mass spectrometry (MS) was used for species identification and velocity distribution analysis. Gasdynamic model simulations of the plume formation and transport process are tested by comparison with the ICCD and MS results. Particular attention is given to the time scale during and immediately following the laser pulse (0 - 460 ns), and also to the effects of added 02. atomic oxygen was found to be the predominant species present at the leading edge of the vapor plume. Other, slower species found included neutral Ti, TiO, Ba, and BaO.



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