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Improvement of Tft Characteristics by Using Controlled Grains

  • F. Takeuchi (a1), K. Suga (a1), Y. Mishima (a1) and N. Sasaki (a1)


We fabricated TFTs on a glass substrate using poly-Si films crystallized by an excimer laser with a SiO2 capping pattern placed exactly on the channel regions. This process greatly improves the uniformity of the TFT characteristics compared to conventional excimer laser-crystallized poly-Si TFTs, because the capping pattern controls nucleation and produces grains that are aligned along the capping pattern. However, the average mobility produced by the capping method is not as good as that produced by the conventional method. This study clarified that a thermal gradient can control grain structure and is effective in achieving uniformity, and that the maximum temperature of molten Si must be increased to obtain higher mobility.



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