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Improvement in the FF over 0.700 by Controlling the Interface Quality

  • Katsumi Kushiya (a1), Y. Tanaka (a2), H. Hakuma (a3), S. Kijima (a4), T. Aramoto (a5), Y. Fujiwara (a6), Y. Chiba (a7), H. Sugimoto (a8), Y. Kawaguchi (a9) and K. Kakegawa (a10)...


In this study, the pn hetero-interface between Zn(O,S,OH)x buffer and Cu(InGa)(SSe)2 (CIGSS) surface layers is discussed in order to achieve the fill factor (FF) over 0.73 and the circuit efficiency of 16 % on aperture area of over 800 cm2. Two resistances, i.e. shunt resistance (Rsh) and series resistance (Rs), in the circuits are employed as a yardstick to evaluate the interface quality. Since there are no realistic yardsticks on the Rs, the difference between Voc and optimum-power voltage (Vop) (i.e. Voc-Vop [V/cell]) is applied as a simple tool to evaluate the Rs. It is emphasized that it is important to reduce the Rs mainly correlated to the buffer deposition process and, as a result, the interface quality. We consider the Rs is dependent on the remaining Zn(OH)2 concentration in the Zn(O,S,OH)x buffer deposited by a chemical-bath deposition (CBD) technique. As an approach to make the Rs minimize and the Rsh maximize simultaneously, adjusting the thickness of a CBD-Zn(O,S,OH)x buffer layer and a non-doped ZnO layer deposited by a metal-organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) technique has been effective to reduce the remaining Zn(OH)2 concentration. Determining the optimized deposition procedure to achieve the FF over 0.700 consistently, the circuit efficiency of 15.3 % with aperture area of 856 cm2 and the FF of 0.717 has been achieved.



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