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Improvement in Surface Morphology and Crystal Epitaxial CaF2 on Si (100) Through two Mbe Growth Stages

  • Yoshihiro Morimoto (a1), Shoichiro Matsumoto (a1), Shoji Sudo (a1) and Kiyoshi Yoneda (a1)


We report the first study on improvement in surface morphology and crystal quality of as—grown epitaxial CaF2 film on a (100) Si substrate grown through two MBE growth stages without any post-growth treatment. The degree of improvement in surfacemorphology and crystal quality depends not only on the thickness of an initial thin CaF2 film grown at the early growth stage of 550ºC but also on both the subsrate temperature and thickness of a sequential grown CaF2 film used for thesecond growth stage. Under optimum conditions, the CaF2 films exhibited high quality with an RBS/channeling minimum yield of 4%, together with a very smooth surface morphology without any other nuclel or cracks.



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