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Improved conductivity of ZnO thin films by exposure to an atmospheric hydrogen plasma

  • A. Illiberi (a1), B. Kniknie (a1), J. van Deelen (a1), H.L.A.H. Steijvers (a1), D. Habets (a1), P.J.P.M. Simons (a1), A.C. Janssen (a1) and E.H.A. Beckers (a1)...


Aluminum-doped zinc oxide (ZnOx:Al) films have been deposited on a moving glass substrate by a high throughput metalorganic chemical vapor deposition process at atmospheric pressure. Thin (< 250 nm) ZnOx:Al films have a poor crystalline quality, due to a small grain size and the presence of different crystallographic orientations. The crystalline quality improves with increasing film thickness (from 50 nm to 1000 nm), resulting in a lower value of resistivity (from 100 Ohm cm to 1·10-3 Ohm cm, respectively). We have investigated the variation in the films’ conductivity and transparency induced by a post-deposition exposure to a He/H2 atmospheric plasma. The resistivity of thin (< 250 nm) films is found to decreased sharply from 100 Ohm cm to about 4·10-3 Ohm cm by a short (∼ seconds) plasma exposure, while the resistivity of thicker films remains unaffected.


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