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Impact of Pore Size and Morphology of Porous Organosilicate Glasses on Integrated Circuit Manufacturing

  • Mark O'Neill (a1), Mary K Haas (a2), Brian K Peterson (a3), Raymond N Vrtis (a4), Scott J Weigel (a5), Dingjun Wu (a6), Mark D Bitner (a7) and Eugene J Karwacki (a8)...


Porous organosilicate materials produced by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition are the leading candidates for back-end-of-line dielectric insulators for IC manufacturing at 45nm design features and beyond. The properties of porous organosilicate glass films of dielectric constant k=2.50 ± 0.05 formed using diethoxymethylsilane and five different porogen precursors with an ultraviolet post treatment are reported. By varying the porogen precursor type pore sizes of 1-2 nm (equivalent spherical diameter) and porosities in the range of 24-31% were measured. While there were no observable trends in pore size with the molecular volume or plasma reactivity of the porogen precursor, modulus values ranged from 6.6 to 10.8 GPa. Porous films with the highest mechanical properties were found to have the highest matrix dielectric constant, highest network connectivity (lowest methyl content), and highest density. Within this process space, maximizing the network connectivity of the film was found to be more important to mechanical properties than lowering the total porosity. In effect, the choice of porogen precursor dictates the film morphology through its impact on the organosilicate glass matrix and pore size.



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Impact of Pore Size and Morphology of Porous Organosilicate Glasses on Integrated Circuit Manufacturing

  • Mark O'Neill (a1), Mary K Haas (a2), Brian K Peterson (a3), Raymond N Vrtis (a4), Scott J Weigel (a5), Dingjun Wu (a6), Mark D Bitner (a7) and Eugene J Karwacki (a8)...


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