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II-VI / III-V Strained-Layer Superlattice Materials and Devices

  • Gan Fuxi (a1), Wang Hailong (a1) and Cui Jie (a1)


The optical and spectroscopy properties of Il-VI wide gap semiconductor SLSs have been studied. We report the first observation of the pulse compression in ZnS-ZnSe MQW and the folded LA phonon modes in ZnS-ZnSe SLS;The confined LOn phonon modes in ZnSe-ZnTe SLS are observed and the critical thickness of ZnSe-ZnTe SLS are determined,for the first time, by Raman scattering.



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II-VI / III-V Strained-Layer Superlattice Materials and Devices

  • Gan Fuxi (a1), Wang Hailong (a1) and Cui Jie (a1)


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