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Hydrogenated Silicon Films Prepared by Remote Plasma CVD

  • Sung Chul Kim (a1), Seung Kyu Lee (a1), Sung Mo Soe (a1), Sung Ok Koh (a1), Sung Shil Ihm (a1), Jung Mok Jun (a1), Tae Gon Kim (a1), Moon Hyun Chung (a1), Kyung Ha Lee (a1), Hyon Kynn Song (a1), Jin Jang (a1), Jung Tae Hwang (a2) and Kwan Soo Chung (a2)...


We have studied the improvement of the quality of undoped a-Si:H deposited by remote-plasma chemical vapour deposition. The effects of reactant gas concentration, rf power, substrate bias voltage on the electrical and optical properties have been investigated. Some hydrogen dilution of si lane improves the photoeletric property and a high rf power gives rise to the defect creation due to the ion bombardment on the growing surface. The positive substrate bias improves the quality of undoped a-Si:H.



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