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Hrtem Observations Of A Σ=3 {112} Bicrystal Boundary In Aluminum

  • D. L. Medlin (a1), M. J. Mills (a1), W. M. Stobbs (a2), M. S. Daw (a1) and F. Cosandey (a3)...


We present here a study of the Σ=3 {112} incoherent twin boundary in aluminum. Atomistic studies of this boundary indicate that several high energy boundary structures may exist, with the lowest energy structure exhibiting a small rigid body shift parallel to the boundary. The observations presented here indicate that the rigid body shift does in fact occur and that its magnitude, as well as the local grain boundary structure, is well predicted by atomistic calculations using the Embedded Atom Method. The low energy boundary configuration is much narrower than the equivalent boundaries that have been observed in the lower stacking fault energy FCC metals.



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