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High-Temperature Indentation of Natural Diamond and the Quest for Lonsdaleite

  • P. Pirouz (a1), A. Garg (a2), X. J. Ning (a1), J. W. Yang (a3) and S. Q. Xiao (a4)...


Attempts were made to produce bands of hexagonal diamond (Lonsdaleite) by high-temperature indentation of cubic diamond. (011) wafers of type I diamond were indented over the temperature range 1000–1300°C and the microstructure of the indentation plastic zone investigated by transmission electron microscopy (TEM). No hexagonal diamond was produced; instead, the plastic zone consisted of arrays of dislocations lying on the {001} planes. A possible mechanism for the generation of such dislocations, and reasons for the absence of hexagonal diamond, are discussed.



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