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High-Temperature Electromechanical Properties of CTGS

  • Michal Schulz (a1), Holger Fritze (a1) and Ward L. Johnson (a2)


CTGS (Ca3TaGa3Si2O14) is a commercially available, Czochralski-grown piezoelectric material from the langasite family that has an ordered crystal structure. It can be excited piezoelectrically up to at least 1285 °C, which is very close to the melting temperature of 1350 °C. In order to determine the loss at elevated temperatures, two different resonance techniques are used. A contactless transduction method is employed up to about 600 °C, whereas transduction involving standard keyhole-shaped film electrodes is employed up to 1285 °C. Comparison of the temperature-dependent inverse Q factor shows that contactless measurements are best suited for the lower temperature range, where sample clamping and losses caused by the electrodes contribute significantly to the total loss. However, at higher temperatures, measurement of the electrical impedance of samples with film electrodes in the vicinity of the resonance frequency proves to be suitable. Even at 1100 °C, 5 MHz CTGS resonators are found to have a Q factor of about 1200, which is great enough to enable numerous bulk-acoustic-wave applications. Further, a nearly linear temperature dependence of the resonance frequency with a temperature coefficient of 210 Hz/K makes Y-cut CTGS well suited for temperature-sensing applications.



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High-Temperature Electromechanical Properties of CTGS

  • Michal Schulz (a1), Holger Fritze (a1) and Ward L. Johnson (a2)


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