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High-Resolution Spectroscopy of Point Defects in Silicon

  • H.G. Grimmeiss (a1), M. Kleverman (a1) and J. Olajos (a1)


The paper briefly outlines recent developments in high resolution spectroscopy of point defects in silicon. One of the methods, namely photothermal ionization spectroscopy (PTIS) is discussed in detail. Impurities induced by selenium and several transition metals are used as examples m order to illustrate the powerful scope of both transmission and PTIS measurements. These measurements are capable of providing unique information on the electronic properties of point defects, even when the defects exhibit complex excitation spectra.



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High-Resolution Spectroscopy of Point Defects in Silicon

  • H.G. Grimmeiss (a1), M. Kleverman (a1) and J. Olajos (a1)


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