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Highly Oriented Plate-like Rod/Tube Arrays of ZnO

  • Ying Dai (a1) (a2), Long Q. Zhou (a2), Yue L. Sun (a2), Wen Chen (a1) (a2) and Yue Zhang (a3)...


Highly oriented plate-like rod/tube arrays of ZnO are synthesized by a solution-based approach at low temperature. The ZnO rod/tube arrays grow oriented vertically on silicon substrate and the intersectant ZnO nanosheets stand on the backbones of ZnO rods/tubes. The constructions of plate-like rod or tube arrays depend on the processing conditions. The growth mechanisms are investigated based on the nucleation and growth process. The initial ZnO film formed on substrate is crucial for the growth of ZnO rods/tubes perpendicular to the substrate. The nanosheets grow around the ZnO rods/tubes by the secondary nucleation and growth process. The ZnO tubes are formed by the etching of the ZnO polar faces. The novel ZnO structures are expected to have great potential for electronics, photoelectronics, sensors, and catalysis etc.



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Highly Oriented Plate-like Rod/Tube Arrays of ZnO

  • Ying Dai (a1) (a2), Long Q. Zhou (a2), Yue L. Sun (a2), Wen Chen (a1) (a2) and Yue Zhang (a3)...


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