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Highly Efficient Solar Cells Using Organic Dyes with Amorphous Moiety

  • Sanghoon Kim (a1), Jae Kwan Lee (a2), Il Jung (a3), Kyu-Ho Song (a4), Chul Baik (a5), Hyunbong Choi (a6), Duckhyun Kim (a7), S. Fantacci (a8), F. De Angelis (a8), J -H Yum (a9), Md. K. Nazeeruddin (a10), M. Graetzel (a11) and Jaejung Ko (a12)...


Novel organic sensitizers comprising donor; electron-conducting, and anchoring groups were engineered at molecular level and synthesized. The functionalized unsymmetrical organic sensitizers 3-{5-[N,N-Bis(9,9-dimethylfluorene-2-yl)phenyl]-thiophene-2-yl}-2-cyano-acrylic acid (JK-1) and 3-{5'-[N,N-Bis(9,9-dimethylfluorene-2-yl)phenyl]-2,2'-bithiophene-5-yl}-2-cyano-acrylic acid (JK-2), upon anchoring onto TiO2 film exhibit unprecedented incident photon to current conversion efficiency 91 %. The photovoltaic data using an electrolyte having composition of 0.6M M-methyl-N-butyl imidiazolium iodide, 0.04 M iodine, 0.025 M LiI, 0.05M guanidinium thiocyanate and 0.28 M tert.butylpyridine in 15/85 (v/v) mixture of valeronitrile and acetonitrile revealed a short circuit photocurrent density of 14.0 mA/cm2, an open circuit voltage of 753 mV and a fill factor of 0.76, corresponding to an overall conversion efficiency of 8.01 % under standard AM 1.5



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Highly Efficient Solar Cells Using Organic Dyes with Amorphous Moiety

  • Sanghoon Kim (a1), Jae Kwan Lee (a2), Il Jung (a3), Kyu-Ho Song (a4), Chul Baik (a5), Hyunbong Choi (a6), Duckhyun Kim (a7), S. Fantacci (a8), F. De Angelis (a8), J -H Yum (a9), Md. K. Nazeeruddin (a10), M. Graetzel (a11) and Jaejung Ko (a12)...


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