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High Throughput Optimization of Y-Type Magnetoplumbite Epitaxial thin Film Growth by Combinatorial Pulsed Laser Deposition Technique

  • I. Ohkubo (a1), Y. Matsumoto (a1), M. Ohtani (a1), T. Hasegawa (a1), K. Ueno (a2), K. Itaka (a3), A. Parhat (a3), T. Chikyow (a3), M. Kawasaki (a3) (a4) and H. Koinuma (a1) (a3) (a5)...


Thin films of Y-type magnetoplumbite (Ba2Co2Fe12O22: Co2Y) with such a huge unit cell length as 43.5 Å has been successfully fabricated for the first time with the aid of combinatorial optimization of pulsed laser deposition process. Planning a thickness gradient CoO buffer layer on MgAl2O4(111) substrate was very effective for prevent the phase separation of Co deficient impurity (BaFe2O4) to reside in the formation of desired Co2Y phase.From the TEM analysis, the CoO buffer layer of optimum thickness was incorporated into the Co2Y film to make theinterface with the make an atomically sharp.



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