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High TC Superconducting Films from Metallo-Organic Precursors

  • W. W. Davison (a1), S. G. Shyu (a1) and R. C. Buchanan (a1)


High Tc superconducting films of heavy metal soaps (derived from carboxylic acid precursors) have been prepared on Si and other substrates. The precursors were synthesized and mixed in appropriate molar ratios to form the high Tc compound YBa2Cu3O7−x, using a high boiling point common solvent base. The precursor solution was deposited by a spin casting technique on the substrates. Film thicknesses of 0.1–1.0μm were achieved after heat treatment at 550°-850°C ≤4 hours. Films were analyzed as to orientation, appropriate phase, interfacial reaction and superconducting properties.



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