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High Quality a-Ge:H Films and Devices Through Enhanced Plasma Chemistry

  • Erik V. Johnson (a1) and Pere Roca i Cabarrocas (a2)


We present a material study on RF PECVD-grown a-Ge:H showing that thin films of such material can be produced without using the conventional techniques of high power density or powered-electrode substrate placement. We demonstrate the production of material with PDS signatures superior to material produced at ten times higher power density. This is achieved through the use of Ar and H2 dilution and by growing the films at high pressures under conditions where nanocrystals formed in the gas phase contribute significantly to the growth as confirmed by HRTEM. The conditions described result in material which demonstrates activated conduction down to room temperature. Additionally, the quality of the material has been demonstrated through its application in n-i-p diodes. A spectral response at 0.9um of 0.38 and an AM1.5 efficiency of 2.1% have been demonstrated utilizing an absorber layer thickness of only 60nm.



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High Quality a-Ge:H Films and Devices Through Enhanced Plasma Chemistry

  • Erik V. Johnson (a1) and Pere Roca i Cabarrocas (a2)


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