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High Performance HgCdTe-Detectors Grown by Molecular Beam Epitaxy

  • R. D. Rajavel (a1), D. M. Jamba (a1), J. E. Jensen (a1), O. K. Wu (a1), C. A. Cockrum (a2), J. A. Wilson (a2), E. A. Patten (a2), K. Kosai (a2), J. Rosbeck (a2), P. Goetz (a2) and G. Venzor (a2)...


Molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) offers benefits such as the capability for growth of compositionally-tailored heterostructures and in-situ doping of HgCdTe alloys. These capabilities were applied to the growth of long wave infrared unispectral focal plane arrays (FPA) with 480×4 elements. The detectivity (D*) map of the FPA demonstrated performance that was higher than the specification value, with no defective channels. Two-color detectors with the n-p-n architecture, for the simultaneous detection of two closely spaced bands in the midwave infrared spectrum were also grown by MBE. These devices exhibited sharp turn-off and turn-on in both bands. The quantum efficiency was greater than 70% and average R°A values exceeded 1×106 Ω-cm2 in both bands. These result demonstrate that high performance HgCdTe devices can be grown by MBE.



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