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High Magnetic Field Studies of AlGaN/GaN Heterostructures Grown on Bulk GaN, SiC, and Sapphire Substrates

  • W. Knap (a1) (a2), E. Borovitskaya (a1), M. S. Shur (a1), R. Gaska (a1) (a3), G. Karczewski (a4), B. Brandt (a4), D. Maude (a5), E. Frayssinet (a6), P. Lorenzini (a6), N. Grandjean (a6), J. Massies (a6), J. W. Yang (a7), X. Hu (a7), G. Simin (a7), M. Asif Khan (a7), C. Skierbiszewski (a8), P. Prystawko (a8), I. Grzegory (a8) and S. Porowski (a8)...


We present the results of the high magnetic field studies of properties of two-dimensional electron gas (2DEG) in AlGaN/GaN heterostructures grown over high-pressure bulk GaN, sapphire, and insulating SiC substrates. The experimental results include the low field Hall measurements, cyclotron resonance measurements, and cryogenic temperature Quantum Hall Effect studies as well as room-temperature characteristics of High Electron Mobility Transistors fabricated on all these substrates. The room temperature high field measurements allow us to clearly separate the contributions of a parasitic parallel conduction from 2DEG conduction in all investigated heterostructures.

The magnetotransport measurements are performed in the magnetic fields up to 30 Tesla for temperatures between 50mK-300K. This high magnetic field in combination with very high mobilities (over 60.000 cm2/Vs) in the sample on the bulk GaN substrates allow us to observe features related both to cyclotron resonance and spin splitting. The temperature dependence of this splitting determines the spin and cyclotron resonance energy gaps and, in combination with cyclotron resonance and tilted field experiments, allows us to determine the complete energy structure of 2DEG conduction band. We also present the first experimental results showing so called “the exchange enhancement” of the energy gaps between spin Landau levels.



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