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High Dose Carbon Ion Implantation Studies in Silicon

  • K. Srikanth (a1), M. Chu (a1), S. Ashok (a1), N. Nguyen (a2) and K. Vedam (a2)...


The electrical properties of crystalline Si (c-Si) subjected to high-dose (1E17 cm-2) implantation of C with varying post- anneal conditions have been investigated. The electrical barrier formation and carrier transport across the implanted layer have been studied using metal-implanted layer-Si structures. In the as-implanted samples, a Schottky diode-like behaviour is seen but with a very high diode ideality factor. The well-known influence of ion damage on the Si surface barrier is clearly evident, but in addition we see the domination of transport by a Si-C buried layer formed after annealing . Spectroscopic ellipsometry measurements and FTIR spectroscopy confirm the formation of buried Si-C.



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