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Heteroepitaxial Growth of Cubic Boron Nitride on Silicon

  • G. L. Doll (a1), T. A. Perry (a1), J. A. Sell (a1), C. A. TAYLORS (a2) and R. Clarke (a2)...


New x-ray diffraction measurements performed on bonm nitride films deposited by pulsed excimer laser deposition are presented. The x-ray data, taken with both a molybdenum rotating anode source and synchrotron radiation, indicate that the epitaxial cBN films are ≤ 200 Å thick. We also report the successful growth of oriented crystalline diamond on the (001) surface of cBN/Si substrates using the method of pulsed laser deposition. X-ray diffraction measurements indicate that the diamond layer is 200 Å thick with a lattice constant of 3.56 Å. The structures of metastable films (cBN and diamond) are very sensitive to growth conditions: we present evidence that an epitaxial-crystalline to incoherent phase transition occurs when the thickness of the films exceeds a critical value (∼ 200 Å for our present growth conditions).



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Heteroepitaxial Growth of Cubic Boron Nitride on Silicon

  • G. L. Doll (a1), T. A. Perry (a1), J. A. Sell (a1), C. A. TAYLORS (a2) and R. Clarke (a2)...


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