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Helical, Disordered, and What that Means: Structural Characterization of a New Series of Methyl 1-Thiaoligo(ethylene Oxide) Self-Assembled Monolayers

  • David J. Vanderah (a1), Jennifer Arsenault (a1), Hongly La (a1), Vitalii Silin (a1), Curtis W. Meuse (a1) and Richard S. Gates (a1)...


Self-assembled monolayers (SAMs) of a series of linear thiols containing a 1-thiaoligo(ethylene oxide) [TOEO] moiety, i.e., HS(CH2CH2O)xCH3, where x = 3 - 6, were prepared on polycrystalline gold (Au) and characterized by reflection absorption infrared spectroscopy (RAIRS) and spectroscopic ellipsometry (SE). For x = 5 and 6, the RAIRS data show that the TOEO segment, oriented normal to the substrate, adopts the highly ordered 7/2 helical structure of the folded-chain crystal polymorph of poly(ethylene oxide). For x = 3 and 4, the RAIRS and SE data indicate disordered, “amorphous” SAMs with essentially no evidence of the helical conformation in the TOEO segment. These data suggest that, for SAMs with TOEO segments, a minimum of five ethylene oxide units is required to adopt a helical conformation.



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