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Growth, Structure, Optical and Ultrasonic Investigations of Icosahedral Zn-Mg-Y Quasicrystals

  • R. Sterzel (a1), G. Bruls (a1), A. Kounis (a2), G. Miehe (a2), K. Saitoh (a2), H. Fuess (a2), V. Karpus (a3), G.-J. Babonas (a3), L. Reza (a3) and W. Assmus (a1)...


It is shown how the history of the growth of an icosahedral Zn-Mg-Y single grain can be determined by measuring the yttrium distribution. The growth mechanism and the stabilization of the icosahedral Zn-Mg-Y, RE (RE = rare earth: Ho, Er, Dy, Gd, Tb) quasicrystals are discussed with respect to structural investigations on related crystalline phases. We also show results of optical and ultrasonic investigations on icosahedral Zn-Mg-Y single crystals. They fit well to the discussed growth and stabilization mechanism.



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