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Growth of Thin Epitaxial CoSi2 Layers on Si(100)

  • S. M. Yalisove (a1), R. T. Tung (a1) and J. L. Batstone (a1)


The growth of high quality, thin (14-70 Å) epitaxial CoSi2 layers on Si(100) substrates have been observed. Three types of films have been grown on the Si(100) substrate; pure CoSi2(100), pure CoSi2(110), and mixed CoSi2(100)+CoSi2(110). The CoSi2(110) can exist in two 90º rotated variants on the Si(100) surface and these are observed. Methods to isolate the epitaxial orientations are described. Results from in-situ LEED and AES as well as ex-situ RBS and plan view TEM are presented.



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