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Growth of Self Organized Eutectic Fibers from LiF─Rare Earth Fluoride Systems

  • Detlef Klimm (a1), Maria F Acosta (a1) (a2), Ivanildo A dos Santos (a1) (a3), Izilda M Ranieri (a3), Steffen Ganschow (a1) and Rosa I Merino (a2)...


Eutectic fibers consisting of an ordered arrangement of LiF fibrils inside a LiREF4 matrix (RE = Y, Gd) can be grown with the micro-pulling-down method at sufficiently large pulling rate exceeding 120 mm/h. The distance between individual fibrils could be scaled down to 1 µm at 300 mm/h pulling. LiF-LiYF4 has stronger tendency to form facetted eutectic colonies than LiF-LiGdF4, explained by the larger entropy of melting of the former.



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