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Growth of GaN from elemental Gallium and Ammonia via Modified Sandwich Growth Technique

  • E. Berkman (a1), R. Collazo (a1), R. Schlesser (a1) and Z. Sitar (a1)


Gallium nitride (GaN) films were grown on (0001) sapphire substrates at 1050°C by controlled evaporation of gallium (Ga) metal and reaction with ammonia (NH3) at a total reactor pressure of 800 Torr. Pure nitrogen (N2) was flowed directly above the molten Ga source to prevented direct reaction between the molten Ga and ammonia, which causes Ga spattering and GaN crust formation. At the same time, this substantially enhanced the Ga transport to the substrate. A simple mass-transport model based on total reactor pressure, gas flow rates and source temperature was developed and verified. The theoretical calculations and growth rate measurements at different ammonia flow rates and reactor pressures showed that the maximum growth rate was controlled by transport of both Ga species and reactive ammonia to the substrate surface.



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Growth of GaN from elemental Gallium and Ammonia via Modified Sandwich Growth Technique

  • E. Berkman (a1), R. Collazo (a1), R. Schlesser (a1) and Z. Sitar (a1)


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